The Power of Branding

Our Journey from College Startup to Million-Dollar Software Development Company
The Power Of Branding 1

Starting Small

In 2017, when I was a college student at the University of Toledo, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and founded Savage Software. Initially known as BookSavages, the company was born out of my desire to help my fellow classmates find affordable college textbooks. Although BookSavages eventually retired, it laid the foundation for Savage Software to expand and thrive.

During those early days, I had limited resources, including a small budget for a logo. In an attempt to find an affordable solution, I turned to a platform called Fiverr, where I paid $50 for a proof of concept. Unfortunately, the result was disappointing—it was a generic, uninspiring design that failed to stand out or capture anyone’s attention. The feedback I received from others confirmed my own dissatisfaction.

Investing in Growth

Realizing the importance of a strong and unique logo for my growing business, I decided to invest in professional graphic design services. I reached out to my cousin, who had experience in graphic design, and hired him for $300. This collaboration proved to be the best option within my budget, and his design served as the face of Savage Software from 2017 to 2023.

Fast forward to 2023, and Savage Software has experienced significant growth. Our revenue has skyrocketed from a $20,000 per year side hustle to over $1 million per year in billable work. With this expansion, it became evident that we needed to enhance our professional image and improve our team’s expertise.

To achieve this, we made the decision to hire an in-house UX/UI designer. This designer shared our passion and empathy for creating exceptional user experiences. We entrusted them with the task of designing a new logo from scratch, one that would reflect our modernistic approach and capture the essence of our services.

Our Evolution and New Branding

Months of dedicated work, brainstorming, and countless iterations followed. The designer poured their creativity and expertise into developing a logo that truly represented Savage Software. The end result was a sleek and contemporary design that resonated with our team and the clients we serve.

The new logo signifies our growth and evolution as a company. It embodies our commitment to customized and unique services that cater to each client’s individual needs. We take pride in the journey we’ve undertaken since 2017, and we are grateful to our clients who have chosen to work with us repeatedly.

In conclusion, our logo transformation exemplifies our dedication to professionalism and the investment we’ve made in building a strong team. As Savage Software continues to grow and take on larger projects, we remain grateful for our humble beginnings and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Original Logo 2017
Savage Software Logo
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