From Ground Up to Gourmet: Creating a E-Commerce Platform in the Meat Industry

Case Study - Learn how a team of skilled web developers defined a client's brand and built them a custom E-Commerce platform from the ground up.
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Crooked Nail Farm is a family-owned and operated elk farm that provides fresh, humanely raised elk meat to the Ohio area. They are established in their community and with their current customer base due to their care and passion for their business and their animals. Due to this engagement, they approached Savage Innovations with the need to take their business online as an E-Commerce store. Our approach helped them define their brand and provided a website to manage their products and reach new potential clients nationwide easily. Their new site brought them roughly 100 monthly users, with 70% of them finding them just for the products they provided backed by a name that cares and not just another mail-order meat provider conglomerate.


Define a brand and create a website and e-commerce platform catered to a niche industry


Raise brand awareness and show the world what seperates Crooked Nail Farm from the rest

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The Challenge

Building a website and e-commerce platform is like baking an intricate and flavorful cake. The key ingredient is helping clients define their brand, even when none previously existed. We then have to take what we learn from this and look at the competition to understand what they are doing well and where they fall short. The final ingredient is researching the industry and its customers to identify what they look for and what is valued. Finally, we bake all of this into a website that allows our clients to stand above the rest.

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Roles & Responsibilities


• Payment Processing Integration and API Keys • Product Data Entry


• Responsive Website Design • Branding


• Copy Content • Marketing and Ad Campaigns • SEO



Crooked Nail Farm required a website and e-commerce platform that targeted the extremely niche industry of elk meat. It needed to reflect the family and community focused brand they stood behind while educating their customers on their process.


Being such a specific industry, we needed to understand exactly what their customers would be looking for and what they valued.

There was also the hurdle of identifying the appropriate shipping methods for frozen food products and them educating the customer on why they could rest easy knowing it was safe and quick. Furthermore, we had to address how to convert potential customers that were new to the offered products and sell them on what Crooked Nail Farm had to offer.



Our team listened to our client to fully understand their goals. We then conducted a SWOT analysis on the industry and its competitors while identifying who their target audience was.

While our management team gathered the original media content and products, our design team mapped out the future website. Creating a roadmap to success that we would get the clients approval on.

Our design team followed this roadmap, laying out the new website and e-commerce platform page by page while incorporating the imagery and media the client provided. They set up categories to organize the product data accurately, enabling the customer to discover what they were looking for effortlessly while providing the site a SEO boost from custom URL plugs. For ease of access and to improve client/customer relations, a customer portal was created on the website so that customers can subscribe to updates for marketing materials and track their orders. 

Once the design process was done, our project manager worked directly with Crooked Nail Farm’s owners to upload their initial line of products to the platform along with their images and data. Once the client chose a payment processor, our development team was able to effortlessly implement the payment API keys that would allow the customer’s to make purchases.

Once the website was complete and all the integrations were in place, we thoroughly tested every page on desktop and mobile while utilizing test cards to simulate purchases of various products and situations.

Savage Innovations created a modern and homey website that showcased our client’s unique company and the care and love they put into it. It was structured to be scalable to grow as it grew while allowing its customers to find what they were looking for effortlessly. WooCommerce provided our clients a simple, easy-to-manage platform to upload and adjust their products and online shop. At the same time, Clover handled the payment processing, ensuring an effortless and streamlined checkout.

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Outcome Within the First Month

Initial Average Search Impressions
Increase in Organic Search Traffic
Average Engagement Time
Average Posistion on Google


The final product provided Crooked Nail Farm with a website they could be proud of and show off to their customers, existing and new. It offered its customers something their competition consistently fell short of, showing that not only were they involved in the care and raising of the animals and the humane processing of the meat, but also that they cared about their industry, community, and customers. After all, they are not a bulk processing facility that ships their meat from out of the state and out of the country like their competitors; they are Crooked Nail Farm! Their new online presence and engaging social media presence helped them capitalize on the holiday season and sell out of multiple products.

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