About the Client​

A Philadelphia-based startup revolutionizing golf event experiences with cutting-edge video production technology. Their goal: high-quality, personalized feedback for golfers.



"They have gone above and beyond all expectations. They do a great job getting a feel for who you are and it shows when you see the end result."

Our Solution

Savage Innovations developed a robust MVP using React and C# ASP.NET Core, integrating with GoPro hardware. The solution included real-time video processing and instant feedback via SignalR.


Their Challenge

The client needed an MVP within three months to capture high-quality golf swings and provide personalized feedback, integrating both hardware and software seamlessly.

What Savage Did

User Research
Thoroughly understanding golfer and event organizer needs to create an intuitive system.
Full Stack Development
Using React for the front end and C# ASP.NET Core for the back end to ensure scalability.
Hardware Integration
Seamlessly integrating GoPro hardware using the Open GoPro API for high-quality video capture.
Quality Assurance
Implementing rigorous testing to ensure the system could handle real-time video processing and delivery.

Value Found

Quick MVP Development

Delivered a functional MVP capable of capturing and delivering high-quality video content.

Lean Development

Effective use of development funds focusing on critical challenges.

Enhanced User Experience

Personalized feedback delivered within hours of the event, enhancing golfer satisfaction.

4K Resolution
in The First 30 days
0 Events
Camera Angles


Partnering with Savage Innovations enabled the client to launch their MVP on time, significantly improving their event management and positioning them for growth in the competitive sports technology industry

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