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From College Startup to

Million-Dollar Software Development Company

In 2017, BookSavages was born out of Joe’s simple idea—to help friends and family quickly sell their unused college textbooks for cash. 

From 2017 to 2020, BookSavages.com was a textbook aggregator that created a database of 15 million books from various sources such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and eBay. 

BookSavage gave people the ability to cross-reference the ISBN and lookup the prices on BookSavages partner’s catalogs to find the following:

    • Cheapest price for buying or renting
    • Highest price when selling back to the stores we were partnered with (AbeBooks.com, ValoreBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksrun) 

Funded through affiliate marketing, BookSavages received  5% revenue of the book.

Unfortunately, BookSavages was eventually retired in 2020. This was because Google blocked its SEO indexing (the affiliate links were marked as “ads”).

At this point, billable work began, and BookSavages was retired. And from here, Savage Software was born. 

As more work quickly filled his schedule, Joe decided it was time to bring on help. He sourced local talent in Cleveland, looking for innovative, curious, and hardworking people. By 2023, Savage Software had a team of developers, designers, project managers, a marketing team, and more.

With this growth, it was realized that Savage Software was now creating much more than software. Needing to rebrand, the company meticulously developed its brand voice, image, values, and more. 

And on July 10th, 2023, Savage Innovations was introduced to the world. 

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The Innovators

Meet the Leadership

Joseph Petti​

Joseph Petti​

Founder & Senior Software Engineer​
Brandon Alanskas​

Brandon Alanskas​

Senior Software Engineer​
Xandra Parker​

Xandra Parker​

Lead UX/UI Designer​
Axl Parker​

Axl Parker​

Lead Project Manager​

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