5 Real Life Examples of How Being a UX/UI Designer Has Ruined Everything

When you are aware of UX Design, you suddenly notice when something is designed poorly.

Welcome to UX

When I first became a UX/UI Designer I felt like I had suddenly developed a superpower. Or, at the very least, someone had handed me a pair of super-secret-spy design glasses. I could suddenly see UX in action everywhere.

And let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. Sure, there are some flawless apps we might use, etc. But when you are aware of UX Design, you suddenly notice when something is designed poorly. I frequently see articles and blog posts about AMAZING UX/UI apps and how innovative and creative and user-focused they are.

But because I’m a little ray of cynical sunshine, we aren’t going to talk about those. Instead, my friends, I’d like to walk you through a brief glimpse into my world as a UX/UI Designer. I’ll show you why using everyday apps is now exhausting, exasperating, and frustrating. So listen to my warnings, I tell these stories in hopes of saving you young ones from the anguish I suffer from.

1. All the, small things, WILL ANNOY YOU.

Things you never even cared about, or considered, will now consume your entire life.

My apartment complex was decided it was no longer 1997 and thought that tenants should be able to pay rent online. Not only that, but they had an app! Wowee talk about progressive! I open the app,  and it’s your basic, standard, and simple app.

No problem. I set up my login, face ID, and all that fun stuff. Fast forward now. I go to pay rent. It asks me to login, and says I can use Face ID. Sweet. Do you know what happens when I hit that button? Any guesses?

Bad UX/UI Design

…why. Why would you give me that button and then literally disable it? What is wrong with you people? Why would you do this? Why even have it there?

Can I move on from this? No, I can’t. Because once a month this app has to be used.

2. Your car insurance app might appear drunk, and that is stressful.

When I open my car insurance app, for a millisecond, not long enough to take a screenshot, but long enough to very much irritate and annoy me, this flashes across MY ENTIRE PHONE SCREEN. Are you ok, car insurance company? You literally look drunk.

Stretched State Farm Logo

Go home insurance, you're drunk.

3. Everything is frustrating and fills you with hate now.

First, I didn’t ask for your judgment on my musical soundtrack, thank you. Second, music player app, I just want to add another user to my account, why won’t you let me? Why are you making me go online and sign in on the web instead of just giving me the option in the app? I AM TRYING TO GIVE YOU MONEY, AND YOU WON’T TAKE IT. Or,  at the very least, you’re making me go through extensive extra steps, to give you said money. This does not make me want to give you money. This does the opposite. And what if I need to update my payment method? I’m just very angry now.

Frame 1000001253 1

No, I did not upgrade my account. I am too mad.

4. Even Target will make you angry.

Fun fact, if you have items in your cart on a certain shopping app, the “My Usuals” section doesn’t take this into account. At all. Here’s me, poor, naive me, thinking that it would be smart enough to add whatever I was missing from my usuals, not the entire thing. HA. HA. No. No. Neither the app or I was smart enough to realize that it was doubling MANY items in my order.

At least I now know why my bill was so large.

Frame 1000001254 1

Please stop judging my life choices, I get enough judgment from the employee who brings me my groceries.

5. You will feel old.

One day there will be a new app or tech or SOMETHING you want to check out. So you’ll download it and do your best to stay in the know and cool. So you’ll jump in. And be confused. So very confused. There’s a search button. When I hit the search button, I expect to be able to search for servers and topics to join.

Does that happen?

Example of Bad UX on mobile

I just want friends. Someone help me.

No. No, it does not give me the option to search for more servers to join. It lets me SEARCH THINGS I AM PART OF. WHY WOULD I WANT THAT? Okay, I understand why that can be helpful, but seriously. I just don’t know how to correctly use this besides a few art things. It is not an intuitive experience for a first-time user. But then again, I’m just old.

Honorable Mention

HBO Logo Evolution

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. I can’t. I just can’t even start on this one.

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